Tanon 6200 Luminescent Imaging Workstation

Tanon 6200 Luminescent Imaging Workstation
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Tanon 6200 Luminescent Imaging Workstation

The Tanon – 6200 system is the ideal luminescent imager. It uses a back-illuminated/blue-enhanced EMCCD camera with high quantum efficiency.The camera is cooled to absolute temperatures to minimize background noise and and enhance the Signal-to- Noise radio. F/0.95 lens upgrade the sensitivity. The system produce luminescent images of very faint samples at speeds faster than exposure time of film-based detection.


  1. Super cooling to -30℃(absolute) for optimal imaging with low-light applications.
  2. True 16-bit date and a dynamic range that covers 4 orders of magnitude to maximize limit of detection.
  3. The operation of excitation sources , motorized lens , the imaging taken and CCD cooling on-off are controlled by the GIS 1-D software.


  1. Camera : High-sensitivity monochrome EMCCD camera
  2. Sensor : e2v Back-illuminated, blue-enhanced EMCCD
  3. Camera cooling system : Peltier
  4. Cooling range (absolute) : -30℃
  5. Quantum efficiency : High QE: 96%
  6. Dark current : 0.5e-/pixel/sec. @ -30