Tanon 1600/1600R Gel Imaging System

Tanon 1600/1600R Gel Imaging System
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Tanon 1600/1600R Gel Imaging System

The Tanon – 1600 and Tanon – 1600R models are the fast, easy to use, high- resolution gel imaging and documentation system. The system is the ideal accompaniment to PCR, protein purification, and electrophoresis systems. It enables quick and easy visualization, documentation, and analysis of nucleic acid and protein gels, blots with a few clicks of mouse.


  1. Gel and blot imaging and anglysis are easy and accurate.
  2. User can safety view the gel in the darkroom through the observational – window.
  3. Two operating gateway supply the the convenient gel - cutting.
  4. The operation of excitation sources , motorized lens and the imaging taken are controlled by the GIS 1-D software.


  1. Camera : Tanon 1000 high-sensitivity monochrome camera
  2. Sensor : Sony Chip
  3. Camera cooling system : No
  4. Cooling range (absolute) : No
  5. Quantum efficiency : High QE: 65%
  6. Dark current : 1e-/pixel/sec. @ 25