EPS-100 Power Supply

EPS-100 Power Supply
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EPS-100 Power Supply

EPS-100 Power Supply is an economical,compact,lightweight power supply designed for submarine and miniature blot transfer electrophoresis. It offers timer control as well as constant voltage output.


  1. Output range(programmable): 50-120 V in 1 V steps, 10-800 mA in 1 mA steps, 100 W maximum
  2. Type of output: Constant voltage
  3. Output terminals: 4 recessed sets in parallel
  4. Timer: 0-999 minutes
  5. Safety features: No-load detection; sudden load change detection; overload/short circuit detection
  6. Display: LED
  7. Input protection: Fuse
  8. Operating conditions: Temperature: 0-40 ℃
  9. Dimensions: 280(L)×195(W)×85(H)mm
  10. Weight: 1.8kg


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